Digital poker chips app for no limit Texas Hold'em poker
Play poker face to face with a physical deck of cards and use Rocket Chips as a set of accompanying digital chips.

Sync the chips with up to 6 players on a table. Each player will need to have Rocket Chips installed on their phone or tablet and be nearby.

You will see your own chip stack and the table's pot. Tap to count chips out and swipe up to throw them into the pot.

Play poker anywhere quickly and easily with just a deck of cards and no hassle of carrying and dealing out chips.
  • Play poker with 2 to 6 players.

  • Customisable, starting poker chips, blinds and time limits for any length of game.

  • Blinds automatically posted and raised.

  • Split pots calculated for you.

  • Keeps track of re-buys.

  • Battery-saving mode.

  • Connect devices with WiFi or Bluetooth.

    Try playing a few hands for free and see how this digital poker chips app can change how you play.
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